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siGENOME Set of 4

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siGENOME siRNAs are designed with the proprietary SMARTselection™ design algorithm for high-efficiency, guaranteed silencing. They also incorporate rational strand bias with application of ON-TARGET modifications.
Expert siRNA design provides guaranteed gene silencing from pre-designed genome-wide collections for human, mouse and rat targets.

Simply search for your gene of interest and choose from the available product formats and quantities.

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  • We now offer a new 2 nmol size when purchasing pre-designed ON-TARGETplus or siGENOME siRNAs for human, mouse, or rat.
  • Guaranteed knockdown by SMARTpool and 3 of 4 individual siRNAs (see Product Formats tab.)
  • Rational strand bias approach to promote effective silencing and reduce sense strand off-targeting (see below).
  • Sequence information provided with siRNA purchase.


Design and modification strategies for optimal silencing

In addition to identifying potent siRNA designs with the SMARTselection algorithm, the creation of siGENOME siRNAs also involves:
Thermodynamic analysis to determine optimal antisense strand-loading characteristics for effective silencing.
BLAST analysis of both strands to alleviate cross-targeting.
To retain more high-scoring siRNA designs, the above analysis may trigger the selective use of a sense strand-blocking modification (ON-TARGET) to ensure only the appropriate strand enters RISC for effective target knockdown (supporting data tab).

Product Formats

SMARTpool: A mixture of 4 siRNA provided as a single reagent; providing advantages in both potency and specificity. siGENOME and ON-TARGETplus are guaranteed† to silence by 75% or better.

Set of 4: A convenient option for purchasing aliquots of all 4 individual siRNAs targeting a single gene. Three of four siGENOME and ON-TARGETplus siRNAs are guaranteed† to silence by 75% or better.

Set of 4 Upgrade: Discounted price on the Set of 4 based on a concurrent or prior purchase of the SMARTpool reagent for the same gene.

Individual siRNAs: Select 1, 2, 3 or 4 individual siRNAs per gene.

†Our siRNA knockdown guarantee

siGENOME and ON-TARGETplus siRNA reagents (SMARTpool and three of four individual siRNAs) are guaranteed to silence target gene expression by at least 75% at the mRNA level when used under optimal delivery conditions (confirmed using validated positive control and measured at the mRNA level 24 to 48 hours after transfection using 100nM siRNA).

Note: Most siGENOME and ON-TARGETplus siRNA products are highly functional at 5 to 25nM working concentration.



Dharmacon Product Line Selection

siGenome and on-Targetplus Product Insert 

siGenome on-Targetplus CONTROLS siRNA product insert 

Basic siRNA resuspension protocol

Off-target Technical Review

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