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iD HRP Substrate Kit

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iD HRP Substrate Kit detects horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on immunoblots such as Western and Dot blots. The reagents are optimized for high sensitivity, high intensity, long duration, and low background.

Key Features     

  • Fast & Easy procedure, only a 3-minute incubation period.
  • High sensitivity and low background
  • Reproducible results

Store the kit at 2-8°C. It will  remain stable for 12 months.

Kit Content

The kit contains two reagents for HRP signal development,  reagent A and reagent B (2x30 ml).

10 mini gel (7.5 x 8 cm) Western or Dot blot detections, or 600 cm² of membrane (based on 0.1 ml of the working solution per cm²)

This kit is designed for the development of membranes from Western and Dot blots after the final wash.
1. Mix one volume of reagent A with one volume of reagent B by vortexing for a few seconds. This forms the working solution. Use  0.1  ml  of  the  working  solution  per  cm² of  membrane.  The  working  solution  should  be warmed up to room temperature before use. The working solution is stable for several hours at room temperature when protected from light.
2. Drain the excess wash solution from the membrane by holding the membrane vertically with forceps and touching its edge against a tissue.
3. Place the membrane on a clean, flat surface, and cover the membrane with the working solution.
4. Incubate for 3 minutes at room temperature.
5. Place the membrane on a clean tissue.
6. Use a soft clean tissue to remove excess working solution.
7. Wrap the membrane in a clean piece of plastic film.
8. In a dark room, expose the membrane to a sheet of film for 20 seconds
9. Develop the exposed film. Repeat this step with different exposure times if required.

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