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Supreme NZYLong DNA polymerase

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500 U
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Description: Supreme NZYLong DNA polymerase is an optimised DNA polymerase designed to amplify target DNA sequences up to 20 kb in size with high specificity provided by its hot-start-like PCR capacity. The enzyme is inactive at room temperature, avoiding extension of non-specifically annealed primers or primer-dimers and thus providing a higher specificity of DNA amplification. The functional activity of the enzyme is restored during a short 5-minute incubation step at 95 °C. Supreme NZYLong DNA polymerase displays a higher fidelity than conventional Taq DNA polymerases. The enzyme generates a mixture of A-overhang-ended (predominantly) and blunt-ended PCR products, being suitable for cloning with NZYTech´s TA PCR cloning kits (MB053 or MB137).

– Amplifies long DNA fragments
– High specificity: Eliminates nonspecific amplifications and minimizes primer-dimers
– Higher fidelity than NZYTaq DNA polymerase

– Long-Range PCR
– Generation of products for TA cloning



Product length: 0-20 kb
Hot-start like capacity: no
Extension time: 60 sec/kb at 68 °C
Product overhang: mixed
Available as Mixes: Supreme NZYLong 2x Green Master Mix (MB333); Supreme NZYLong 2x Colourless Master Mix (MB334)
Storage conditions: Store at -20 ºC
Shipping conditions: Shipped at 4 ºC to dry ice

– Supreme NZYLong DNA polymerase (5 U/μL)
– Reaction buffer (10x)
– Stablilizer Solution (5x)

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