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NZYLong DNA polymerase

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NZYLong DNA polymerase is an optimized DNA polymerase designed to amplify target DNA sequences up to 20 kb in size. NZYLong DNA polymerase displays a higher fidelity than conventional Taq DNA Polymerases. The enzyme generates a mixture of A-overhang-ended (predominantly) and blunt-ended PCR products, being suitable for cloning with NZYTech´s TA PCR cloning kits (MB053 or MB137).


  • Amplifies long DNA fragments
  • Higher fidelity than NZYTaq DNA polymerase


  • Long-Range PCR
  • Generation of products for TA cloning

Successful amplification of DNA fragments up to 15 kb:
NZYLong DNA polymerase shows great versatility for amplification of different sized DNA fragments, by providing a reliable solution for long PCR products.

Six E. coli genomic DNA fragments of different lengths were amplified with NZYLong DNA polymerase, using 50 ng of template in a 50 µL reaction. Amplified product sizes are 0.5 kb (Lane 1), 1 kb (Lane 2), 2.5 kb (Lane 3), 5 kb (Lane 4). 10 kb (Lane 5), and 15 kb (Lane 6). Lane M: NZYDNA Ladder III (MB044). The enzyme produced all six amplicons with high yields.
Product length:    0-20 kb
Hot-start like capacity:    no
Extension time:    60 sec/kb at 68 °C
Product overhang:    mixed
Available as Mixes:    NZYLong 2x Green Master Mix (MB139); NZYLong 2x Colourless Master Mix (MB332)
Storage conditions:    Store at -20 ºC
Shipping conditions:    Shipped at 4 ºC to dry ice

NZYLong DNA polymerase (5 U/μL)
Reaction buffer (10x)



Fusion PCR of the flanking regions with the pyrGAf cassette were performed using nested primers P2 and P5 designed for each gene target. PCR reactions for the 5’ and 3’ flanking regions of each gene target and the pyrGAf cassette were performed with a NZYProof DNA polymerase, whereas fusion PCR used NZYLong DNA polymerase (NZYTech) instead.
Martins, T. M., Hartmann, D. O., Planchon, S., Martins, I., Renaut, J., Pereira, C. S. (2015). The old 3-oxoadipate pathway revisited: New insights in the catabolism of aromatics in the saprophytic fungus Aspergillus nidulans. Fungal Genetics and Biology 74: 32-44.

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