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BCA Protein Assay Kit (Enhanced)

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1. Hypersensitive, minimum concentration of detection: 0.5 μg/mL.

2. Linear range: 0.5-20 μg/mL, especially suitable for the sample with low concentration.

3. It’s not sensitive to most ionic and non-ionic detergents, but is sensitive to reductant and chelant of Cu+.

4. It is more superior than Lowry Assay, can finish assay within 60 min.

5. The reagent can be stable for 2 years at room temperature, and the working solution can be effective within one day.

6. Its end product is stable, and the variation coefficient on different kinds of protein detections is smaller than Coomassie Brilliant Blue Assay.

7. Since this kit can detect dipeptide, it is suitable for detecting proteins with small molecular weight, however, Bradford Assay has the requirement for protein size.

8. It is suitable for Test Tube and Microplate Methods.

Tested Applications: WB

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